‘Twas the Day After Christmas

I have had the years where I had some high expectations for Christmas and…. they were crushed. I mean CRUSHED. Hope the day will quickly pass and end and we can wake up and hope everyone and everything is better tomorrow, type days.

That has been rare, but it has happened.

I LOVE holidays. Holiday decoration threw-up-everywhere love. Along with that love, though, comes some high expectations of how I hope the season and the day will unfold. I usually end up in tears at some point due to unmet expectations or feelings of failure because of poor gift-giving on my part, bad timing, or kids just falling apart and way overdue for naps.

THIS Christmas was different. I let go of those expectations and just let the day be.

Life has been messy the past few months and I came to the realization only days prior to Christmas that the most important thing wasn’t a perfect holiday, it was being surrounded by people I loved, reaching out to those that I care for just to let them know I was thinking of them, and in being happy with what we had already.

I flipped a switch in my mind and saw my blessings for what they were: Blessings.

And you know what? No tears. Just smiles. Smiles on my face, my kids’ faces, and a thankful, grateful husband’s face.

Life is too short. I am so, so blessed. I just needed to open me eyes to see it.


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