Parenting Tuesday

Sometimes you just need to read a blog post or an article from another parent who is coming from the same place or going through the same thing as you.

Maybe it’s the reassurance that you are doing alright or that you are not alone. Whatever it is, I know that when it comes to getting my kids to stop fighting or getting lunch ideas for picky toddlers or hair style ideas for little girls, I search out other parents who are able to shed some light on whatever it is I am in the mood to research.

Let’s call it a virtual friend that has answers.

Every Tuesday, it is my plan to share a tip, a story, or simply some real talk regarding a topic that is relevant in my life that week knowing that there will be at least one person out there that will be able to relate to it. It may seem random at times, but I am designating Tuesdays to anything mom-related.


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