What makes you jump out of bed?

I would love love love to sleep in every single day. For some reason, it just feels good and feels so relaxing. Yet, there is stuff to do, kids to get dressed, workouts to do, cleaning to be done, income to be made, etc. 

But what if I say that you can actually jump out of bed excited each day?? (This coming from a non-morning person who was suffering from anxiety just a month ago.)

You see, the key to this is your mindset. I can choose to lounge in bed, snooze the alarm, and sleep in “just a little longer” or I can think of how I can maximize the day and make the most of the gift of a brand-new day that we have been given. 

I can CHOOSE to get up, spend some time in my Bible and get my mind right for the day. I can CHOOSE to get my workout done and eat a healthy breakfast before the day starts to take care of the body I have been given. I can CHOOSE to spend my day using my actions to love and take time to spend with my kids.

Think about what brings you joy. Even if something doesn’t, spend your time joyfully getting it done and dive in deep. 

Our brains are made to adapt and before you know it, you can become that morning person who looks to the day and sees hope where you might’ve only grouchily stumbled out of bed after smacking the snooze button for the billionth time, walked to the coffee pot to down a cup of coffee before facing those little people in your home that call you Mom and the day becomes like any other. 

Change your mindset, change your life. And if you need to, pray about it and see where you might be lacking in your life and what is keeping you from living each day with excitement and fulfillment. 

Until next time….

-Autumn 🌸🌻🦋❄️


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