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I have 3 kids: an elementary schooler, preschooler, and toddler. Due to the crazy weather we’ve had lately, today was the first day for the oldest to go back to school. It also happens to mark my first day officially working my coaching business full-time. 

With a flood keeping the schools closed on Monday, I noticed A LOT of complaints from parents about having to keep their school age kids home another day after a 3 week holiday break. 

Now, I get the complaints from the daycare/ preschool parents, who are probably relying on that form of care so they can work.

The complaints that saddened me came from the moms who were home full-time or who work from home. 

I get it. It is so much easier to get things done when the children are at school. I also understand the need for a normal routine. 

BUT, you had children. You chose to have those little ones and you get them for about 18 years before they spread their wings and you wish them well, trusting you raised them well and that they will make good choices. 

So then, what exactly are you in a rush for? Six hours of peace and quiet? So they stay home an extra day. That is 6 more hours to speak life into them. To connect, let them hang out with their siblings that they are away from for 6-7 hours a day, heck, maybe even have them do some chores. *gasp!*

Moms- I get it. I sooo get it. I get tired. Some days I just want to flop into bed, and then I look at the clock and see it is only 10 a.m. Sometimes I wonder if those kids are going to leave me  with gray hair (or any hair) before they even make it to high school. 

But then they reach up and grab my hand with a smile as I walk by them. They ask for a puzzle, a story, or just to have me listen to a 3 minute thought they have floating around in their head. In those small moments, the sun shines through their eyes. Their heart pours out their innocence, their hope of being noticed, and of just having me acknowledge and share in their excitement for a short moment. 

So parents, is it really that bad to spend one more day with your child? Some parents pray or mourn for that gift of time. 

Until next time,

-Autumn 🌺🌼💐🍂


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