When Life Comes Together

Life can get messy. Jobs, family issues, vehicles, housing, bills, sick kids, ER visits, chauffeuring from one place to the next, it can all be so much, especially when we forget to take a moment to breathe, soak in the gift of the moment, and be thankful for where we are.

For me, the struggles began as summer became Fall. I was driving across town to work/ son’s school, and I had a feeling my life was going to be shaken up a bit. Two days later our family car was totaled as we drove home from the grocery store. My son was out of school for a week. We had been having issues with the teacher for a bit, but it became progressively worse when he returned. After some prayer and discussing the issue with my husband, we  moved him to a new school. 

Well, working for the school that you just pulled your son from can create a bit of conflict, to say the least. And as the bills and the car insurance issues from the car wreck rose, so did the stress. But we pushed through. 

That is until one gloomy, rainy day after an especially trying family day. As I walked through the brisk, drizzly school property for an impromptu meeting with the school admin, I had the feeling that this was it. I surrendered the to the fight, and walked back to my desk knowing two weeks later I would be jobless. 

That all seems horribly gloomy for a motivational Monday post, huh? Lol. As tough as everything has been though, my mantra has become: “After night, there is always a sunrise.”  

While I haven’t seen how everything will fall perfectly into place again, I have seen things coming together. Sometimes night needs to fall on our life so God can do some behind the scenes work jnder the cover of that night, so that come the sunrise, his glory, his beauty, the newness in our life can shine and we can stand in awe at the beautiful work that God has done in our life through the gift of a brand new “day”. 

When things get tough, life falls apart, and the dark of night seem to cover your life, just remember, after the night, there comes morning, and with that, a glorious sunrise. 

Until next time,

Autumn 🦋🥀🌷❄️🌅


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