Greek Yogurt Parfait

This recipe is simple, but I had to share.

I would have never thought to add pineapple in my yogurt bowl. Berries, bananas, apples…. I have done all of those, but this time I was out of everything but pineapple.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.  When I eat breakfast, I also don’t want to be hungry in an hour or two.  I want to be full for at least 3-4 hours, which means I need some protein.

As every mom knows, mornings can turn hectic and sometimes you need something that is quick, easy, and healthy.  This is that recipe.

Greek Yogurt Parfait:

3/4 cup PLAIN Greek yogurt (this is key so you get all the benefits without the sugar)

1 cup of fruit (I’m telling you, pineapple is my new favorite!)

1/3 cup granola (low sugar, high protein)

Sprinkle of cinnamon and/or nutmeg over the whole thing

And if you really need a little extra sweetness, a tidbit of honey or maple syrup can jazz it up, but I promise that the fruit and spices will deliver on the flavor.

I personally use my portion control containers to measure it all out quickly and easily.  I can even pre-fill them and stick them in the fridge the night before, or in my lunchbag for work, and I know I have a full serving of protein, fruit, and carbs.

Do you have a certain go-to fruit that you throw in your parfaits? I would love to hear!

Until next time,



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