Week 2- I Ditched the Scale!

March 10 2017.pngWoot, woot! Inches are going down, clothes are getting looser, and I have way more energy.  The quality of my sleep has also improved quite a bit (when the kiddos actually let me sleep through the night lol).

BUT, this time around I am doing something totally different as I work on losing weight and getting healthier. I am ditching the scale.

Yup, that’s right. My goal is to lose weight and get back down to a size 4, but I am not using a scale to track it.  I honestly have no clue what I weigh today.  I tossed the scale a few weeks ago and I will find out my weight one day when I go back to the doctor.  Until then, I am tracking with my clothes and how I feel.

Sometimes I think that we can get so stuck on the number of the scale, that we forget what really matters, and that is treating our bodies well.

Sure I can eat junk, but watch the calories, and see the scale fall.  But what would the satisfaction be in that if I am sluggish, bloated, have acne, and want to nap all the time?

I could also eat super healthy and track every single calorie and macronutrient, but feel deprived and constricted.

So I choose to eat healthy the majority of the time, with occasional treats and watch portion sizes.  I use containers to do that, workout consistently following a program designed by top-trainers, and can do it at home (like Netflix for workouts), and that is working.  Nothing crazy, but I can tell you, today I was able to easily slide on a pair of jeans that I haven’t worn in awhile.  I have a muffin top, but I know that there is progress.

So, I have a question for you, do you think that you could lose weight successfully WITHOUT a scale?  Or do you feel that you need one to stay on track and how often do you step on it?  I would love to hear your thoughts on the scale in your life!

And for your Fitness Friday- I have created a 15 minute free-weight whole body workout.  Use dumbbells or whatever small, heavy objects (like water bottles, cans of soup, heavy books, a child- yes, I am serious, my toddlers are great weights).


Free-weight 15 min workout.png

Feel free to share, but please credit my site when you do. Thanks!


Until next time,



Fitness Friday

Fridays are going to be my personal fitness check-in accountability days, along with being a day in which I provide a workout for those who follow along to do at home themselves. Whether a video or a Pinterest-type picture description, I will provide something that you can try easily to get that blood flowing and maybe even get your kids or hubby involved with.

I always have my three kiddos around, so my fitness routine usually ends up incorporating them in some way. Having been a health and fitness coach for the past year, fitness is a big part of my personal MomLife. Leading and showing my kids an example of a healthy life is a huge priority for me, so sharing it on my blog would only make sense.

If you ever have any requests on the type of workout you would like to see, feel free to reach out to me and I will see what I can do!