Friday Fitness Check-In 1

My idea for Fridays from here on is to document my weekly journey to reaching my weightloss goals, and hopefully, inspire other moms out there who are hoping to do the same. 

The tip of “when you’re trying to lose weight, toss all the junk and snacks” doesn’t work too well with little ones that still enjoy the fruit n’ cream oatmeal, raisin bran crunch, goldfish crackers, and fruit snacks. Not to mention those little bites of Annie’s mac n’ cheese and spaghettios can all add up. 

So rather than get rid of it all, I am learning to plan around it and make sure my body is staying full with healthful, life-giving food so I can resist those little bites. 

This week I got back on track with my diet. I started with morning tea instead of white mocha or caramel macchiato (which I have decided will be a Saturday morning treat). I am including more protein and veggies in my lunch. For an afternoon snack or post-dinner dessert I am making my scoop of dense nutrition smoothie loaded with berries, kale, and chard. This really curbs the cravings. And dinner is what I usually make for the family, but I am focusing more on portion control, since it usually always includes protein, veggies, and a carb. 

This week my focus has been cutting down on sugars and empty carbs, and thinking twice before I bite. Endless snacking is definitely a habit I need to break again. It is mindless or out of boredom or stress, and it needs to stop. I will crackdown even more in the coming week. 

What are my fitness goals you ask? Well… not to sound redundant and like everyone else, but it is actually to have tight, toned abs that you can see everyday. I want to be stronger and faster. I want to master my food and have more energy. And my biggest goal is to fit in this box of clothes I have sitting in my closet that I haven’t worn in 7or 8 years. 

Why is abs one of my goals? Take a look at my husband:

That is his, “I don’t workout often but walk around with abs all day long”.  So I guess I want to match up to his sexiness LOL. Having been pregnant 4 times, with 3 full-term children, I am determined to reach this goal!!!

Next Friday I will update on what I am doing and include updated pictures on my progress. Let’s see how long this takes! 😀

Until next time,

Autumn 🍂🌾🥀🌱


The Nightingale

Ok, ladies. If you like historical fiction novels that are set in the World War era… If you are into novels set in France… If you are into a page turner that you WILL NOT be able to set down, boy, oh boy, have I got a book to recommend for you.

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah was set in France during World War II. It puts you in the midst of two sisters who have struggled with a distant father and the loss of their mother. These girls are opposites as far as personalities go, and that is what this book explores as the Nazis begin to infiltrate France.

What was amazing to me was how the author was able to bring these characters and the scene alive. One sister takes on the alias “The Nightingale” as she works to bring Jewish people to safety. She seems to have all of the strength through her independent, stubborn, hard-headed, feisty spirit.

Her sister, on the other-hand, is agreeable and naive to the realities taking place around her. She is left on her own with her daughter as her husband, her childhood sweetheart, goes to fight in the war. While he is gone, she witnesses the Germans coming in and family and friends being taken away. German soldiers begin taking over homes, including hers.

While these sisters seem different, throughout the story you will see that they are more similar in some ways than they realized. Beyond the sisters, though, you actually get a glimpse into what living through the Nazi takeover was like. How it was slow and confusing, and how it was possible that neighbors and friends turned against each other. You develop a greater respect for those that lived through and survived those horrors.

I HIGHLY recommend you grab yourself a copy today. I could NOT put this novel down. It is one of the few books that has ingrained itself into my memory and my heart.

If you are a voracious reader, you will know what I am talking about.

The characters came alive. The story, the setting, the richness and depth of the tone- everything about this book was riveting and a must read. Don’t delay. Read today!

*** I am not being paid to write this review, I truly loved it and just want to share. 🙂

Christmas Tapestry by Patricia Polacco


Since Christmas was just a few days ago, I have to share one of my favorite Christmas books. Sadly, I don’t yet own it, but I check it out from the public library every year.

I tell myself that I need to buy it every year, and never do. At least the library has my back. 🙂

On to the review. This book pulls at the heart-strings and makes you see the miraculous ways God and life can work. Since my oldest was too young to understand it, I have sat there and become sucked in to the story as if I were sitting there with the characters myself. Even now that I have read it so many times that I know how it goes, I still find myself tearing up.

The power of love and of taking a moment to reach out and talk to those around you is so powerful.

My oldest is now old enough to understand the story, and he enjoys it as well, but parents, if you want a story that you can enjoy reading out loud every Christmas, this one is it. The illustrations will keep your children’s attention while you can get sucked in and read a beautiful, well-written picture book.